CDRW tracks

I know CDRW or CDR’s all record from the inside out. In the case of CDRW’s is it possible to record on tracks that haven’t already been burned on, or will the the burner automatically copy over the recorded tracks.

A while back I was recording information onto a CDRW and had to update pictures onto the CDRW. I updated it probably 30 times, and it finally became corrupted. I was told by a coworker that CDRW’s can only be rewritten a certain number of times before the become corrupted. Having said that, I was curious if it was just burning over the previous written tracks, or was it writting over unwritten tracks which caused it to become corrupted.

If using CDRW only burns over existing information, without filling up unwritten tracks, would I be better off buying bulk CDR’s and update the information with a new CD instead of risking corrupting a CDRW.

It depends on whether you are talking about multisession mastering or UDF (packet writing).

Hmm, Multisession Mastering, I’m assuming you talking about being able to pick up where the last time you stopped, and UDF (packet writting) where it copies over everything. Right?

If this is the case, then does the life expectancy of the CD vary depending on what type of recording session. Meaning do I have a higher risk of corrupting the CD or having errors if I do UDF recordings Vs. Multisession Recordings?