CDRW reseting computer problem what do i do?

I have an athlon 1.3 512mb , 2 hard drives a dvd rom and a yamaha 24x burner ,

i have the dvdrom as a slave on my primary ide channel w/ the HD , and the yamaha as a master on my secondary IDE channel ,

when I leave the transfer settings modes (on the IDE Channels in control panel) at PIO only on all four devices my computer never resets when burning a cd

but I can’t do anything while my computer is burning a cd (all the programs come to a hault) making burnproof or whatever u want to call it pointless

when I go back and enable DMA on all four drives whenever I copy a cd the computer randomly resets

what causes this ?

Can anyone help me w/ configuration options as far as PIO and DMA settings go so I can maximize my time / performance on my machine


If you have InCD installed, remove it and try again. You may also wish to put the CD drives on the same channel.

I just hope your DVD ROM isn’t a Sony DDU 1621.

not a sony , and I never heard of INcd , i tried to put them on the same channel , now i’m done to trying brand new IDE cables hoping that’ll solve the problem if i doesn’t i’m gonna be pissed