CDRW problem on 411s/811s



I have a 411S, which I flashed to an 811S. The problem started a few weeks ago. I can’t burn a complete CDRW. I can burn any other kind of disc, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and CDR, just fine. But I can’t get CDRWs to record. I’ve bought new discs, tried old discs that had worked before. Half the disc may work, and the other half is unreadable.

I’ve tried changing it back to a 411S, didn’t work. So, I switched it back to 811S, and have the new firmware on it that came out a few days ago. Still no luck.

Does it use a seperate laser for CDRW? Oh, I also tried it at 10x and 4x. Oddly, the 10x usually finishes, and then fails during verification. The 4x usually fails during the burn.

Any other sugguestions, guys?


Maybe the files you are trying to burn to the CD-RW discs are already corrupted before the burn?


Wish it were that simple. I’ve tried several different types of files. Like a disc full of different mp3s, a 700MB AVI, a couple of ISOs. And its not consisent with where it fails either, so it can’t be corrupt files.


Sounds like it may have gone faulty then but before you RMA it you should try to check it in a friend’s PC just to make sure it’s not a Hardware or Software conflict on your PC.


my 411S doesn’t burn CDRW properly since i brought it 9 months ago, didn’t RMA it thou, cause it burn other type of disc quiet well
new CDRW burn and verify OK, but old one need to do a full format before it verify OK


If you get troubles burning CDRW discs…

…then I guess they are probably Memorex/Infodisc or other Brand / Infodisc. Sorry … you’ll get high Kprobe or Nero C1/C2 errors.

An yes, it’s advisable to full-erase before re-burning. But if you get good quality media (I suggest Verbatim CDRW 24x), a quick-erase wolud be enough.

It’s not easy to find good media, specially 24x or higher

Hope this helps


most my cd-rw are good disc (verbatim and mitsubishi), i need to full-erase it at least one time (something more) before the new burn can verify with no errors (using cdcheck crc to verify) sometime the disc can even be recongnize by either the writer or my dvd-rom

right now i burn all my cd-rw using my old liteon cdrw drive :frowning: