Cdrw prob with nec and Herries beta6

With herries beta6 fimrware for the nec2500 i have strange probs with cdrw.
i use verbatim 16x-24x cdrw and platinum 12x cdrw.

there are many errors on the discs.Nero cd speed cant read them in my tosh with the info :“no additional sense information” and the info with read in the nec : “Illegal Mode for this track”

back to 1.06 no probs.

Don’t have any trouble burning or reading CDRW here, although C1/C2 error rates are pretty high. But this is always true with most CDRW I’ve tried.

I’ve been burning Sony 10x CDRW’s with 1.07b6 with no problems.


I am using Herrie’s beta6 on my drive. Perfect results on my 16x Verbatim CD-RW.

Be sure to test an ordinary data disc. AFAIK, some formats (for example VCD) cannot be benchmarked in Nero CD Speed.


i tested with svcd!
but dvdinfo must read the disc?
dvdinfopro read also errors!

When I try to benchmark a S-VCD in CD Speed, I also get error messages. If I remember correctly, the same ones as you.

I do not use DVD Info for benchmarks.