CDRW->Packet writing: Drive keeps spinning

Hi from Berlin,

I’m running Win98SE on a machine with an AMD Athlon 1.2Gh CPU and 512 mb RAM, and have a Plextor 48/24/48 CDRW drive (spindown time set to 8 seconds). I’m using InCD (Nero) packet writing software version I’ve tried the latest versions of InCD, and they just don’t work on my machine - MUCH slower, etc.

The problem is that after I write any info to a CDRW using packet writing, the drive either continues spinning for 3-4-5 minutes (I can hear it physically spinning) or it appears to continue “writing” for a similar amount of time (I can see the light on the drive flashing on and off).

In both cases, I can’t access the drive, and sometimes - I guess because of high CPU usage - I can’t do anything on the computer except wait.

Sometimes I can get the drive to stop by right-clicking on the InCD icon, and sometimes I do it by opening the PlexTool utility, but there’s no “real” solution. It’s really annoying!!!

Why does the drive keep spinning and how can I get it to work “normally”?
Any ideas?

Thanks very much in advance.