CDRW or CDROM for Win98, (not SE!)?

My old Quantex PC’s CDROM has a constant blinking light, and the Win98 software says there’s no CDROM unit present anymore. I think it’s shot…
So I would like to replace it with another unit to assist me with transferring my files over to a new eMachines PC, but I can’t seem to find a replacement CD drive anywhere that works with anything less than Win 98SE. (And I have Win 98, not SE!)

I have a boxed new Memorex Hi-Speed CDRW that uses Nero-5, but on the box it says only for O/S Win 98SE, 2000, and XP!! I guess I can’t install this thing then, right?

Any suggestions?

Thank you, -and hello, I’m a newbie… :slight_smile:

The drive shouldn’t care about your operating system. Find some burning software that works with 98 and you’ll be fine.

Ditto, but as a side note, if you have the option, I’d stick with an internal if you can. 98 has poor native support usb, and if the machine is running 98, if it has usb, probably not usb2. meaning an external drive is going to be a real headache for you.

You may be better off if you have the option of installing a 10/100 network card and dumpng those files to a laptop with a crossover cable.


I’d try it…nero5 may well work that. If not you can troll around for adaptec easyCD on some of the boards. Adaptec was the product before it was roxio bought it and renamed it EZcd, and is probably still around free for download…:slight_smile:

Easy CD has gotten better with every new version. It’s still not that good.

Nero 6 supports windows 98/98se & the express version usually comes with any retail pack burner.

OK,… So what I need to do is open the case, check out how the existing non-working CDROM is wired, remove it and replace it with the Memorex CDRW unit wired back in the same way, right? With PC main power switched off, but AC still plugged in to ground the PC… (Never done this before, as you can prolly tell.)

CD drives can be set as “Master” or “Slave”. Check your existing drive for this setting. (Usually etched onto the back, or a sticker on top will tell you how to put the little plastic jumper)

Apart from that, you will have a power connector (only fits in one way).

The large IDE cable (really wide) which may or may not have a little nib at the top of the plastic connector, then you just need to make sure the little nib is rotated the right way. If not, then usually a little arrow will be marked on the corner of the IDE socket ofthe drive, or a number “1”. The no#1 wire on the cable is the one with the red stripe.

Maybe you might also have a small 4 pin cable (analogue audio cable) Either way is fine. Although maybe the stereo music may be backwards. However, usually the direction is marked on the back of the drive.