CDRW Only Reads 533MB After Format?

OK…I have just finnished formatting a 650MB CDRW Disc and windows is telling me there is only 533MB of free space available.

So where did the other 117MB go??

Windows is also telling me that only 192KB is actually used.

I used Adaptec Easy CD Creator for the format, I have got nero as well, should I use this instead, and if so, does it support drag & drop, when backing up data like the adaptec software does?


This is completely normal. After formatiing a CD-RW 100MB or so will be used as a TOC (Table Of Contents) for the CD-RW. There’s nothing you can do about this.

And no, Nero cannot format a CD-RW. You need InCD for this which is also from Ahead. I advise you to use InCD instead of the Adaptec software if you’re also going to use Nero. Nero and Adaptec software (DirectCD) don’t like eachother and can give you major problems.

InCD also support ‘drag&drop’ like all packet (CD-RW) software does.

Ps. If you’re going to use InCD instead of the Adaptec software need to re-format your CD-RW…

OK…Thanx alot for clearing that up for me…