CDRW on Lite-On 40125S

For the lonest time I have been unable to get CDRW’s to work on my computer. Finally with a little help from Cendyne (resaler of Lite-On) I got it to work.

Now though if I use new CDRW’s they work fine. If I try to use any of the previous CDRW’s I attempted to format they are not recognized by the drive. In-Cd declared it can’t recognize the media. Could I have destroyed the ATIP info when the drive was being buggy before? Is there a way to rewrite or force a format by manually entering the media size, speed, etc?


What are the cd-rw’s? How old are they?

BRand New cdrw’s. Memorex, 700mb 4x write. When I use a fresh one they work great. But if I try to format one that I used when the drive was being buggy it doesnt see it.

Get some different media. Memorex CDRW have only worked once for me. Never could erase them after first use.

You need better media, but even with the best media your are using an unreliable method of writing that will let you down again. Get familiar with multisession writing to CDR’s and forget you ever heard of RW discs and packet writing.


I suspect you are right.

I swap data all the time with RW’s and have never had a problem, I am using verbatim, TDK, Ricoh and the liteon RW that came with my drive (40125S). I also watch vcd and svcd on them and never a problem. I say its the quality of the RW disk.

any money, now that ive made that statement, they are all going to not work anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: