CDRW on its own IDE channel?

I have 2 hard drives, a CDRW and a DVDROM. This is 4 IDE devices lucky i have 4 channels (x2 = 8 devices) however the 4 extra come from my onboard ATA100 controller which seems to add an extra 2 minutes bootup time, unless its disabled. I have been told however by my CDRW manual that the CDRW needs its own IDE channel all to itself. Is this really necessary with a Burnproof drive??

It is not necessary…though it could prevent certain problems.

See for yourself how things work out…if you can not burn at optimal speed you can always connect the drive to a separate IDE channel.

You have 2 ATA100 controllers but no ATA100 HD???
you could connect your hd’s to those ones (since they are backwards compatible I think) and have two free ide connections free for you dvd and cdrw…

i have 2 ATA100 drives, but theres is 0 speed increase between ATA66 and ATA100 interfaces, and i originally had all my devices on the ATA66 so i could disable ATA100 controller, due to SCSI burner. Now i have IDE burner and am forced to turn on ATA100 controller in compliance with Plextor advice, just havent been bothered to move the HDD around :confused:

I have ATA100 too (Asus a7v) and there CERTAINLY is a speed increase with ata100 hd !!!
If you put in a other device which is not ata100 speed goes back to ata66

how can u say there is a speed increase??? i had my IBM ATA100 drive on my ATA100 controller for ages and then got bored and but onto ATA66, and the only speed change was the boot up time which dropped from 2.5 minutes to 0.5minutes but thats obviously a driver issue! Even the fastest ATA100 drives peak at 35Mb/s and anything in the cache seems to make burst readings of 80MB/s, but even that’s only 2mb of cache so it’s pretty insignificant, and 80MB/s over 66MB/s is bugger all for a few seconds. How exactly can u see any speed increase. Even the major hardware sites like Toms Hardware and Anandtech all debate whether the recent ATA133 announcement is of any concern because many believe ATA100 has not even been taken advantage of…
thx :>

I don’t know which Mb you have but mine doesn’t take a second longer to boot from ata100 then from ata66…