CDRW not writable?

Ok here’s the deal: I have a few Memorex 700MB CDRW’s that I wrote with my old HP 8X4X32. Now with my 40125S, When I try to use NERO to burn to one of the CDRWs it says they’re not writable…Any ideas?

If you formatted and wrote to the discs with a packet writing program, i.e., DirectCD or InCD, then you will not be able to write to the CD-RW discs with Nero (a premastering program) until the discs are erased and returned to their original blank condition.

In Nero, choose Recorder | Erase ReWritable, select “Full-erase rewritable media” and click on Erase.

After the CD-RW discs are erased this way, you should be able to write to them at 4x in Nero if they were rated for that speed. If the discs were orginally rated for 2x, you probably won’t be able to use them at all with the Lite-on burner and a premastering program. The minimum writing speed for ISO (premastering) recording with the Lite-on is 4x.

If the discs are rated for 2x, you will either have to use them for packet writing or with another burner that allows burning at 2x with premastering programs. If you have a packet writing program loaded and insert one of the discs, the properites should tell you the rated writing speed.