CDRW NEC-9300A Burning Problem?

Hi Guys,

Im having Serious Problems With my CDRW Driver, It worked perfect up to a month ago and now when I go to burn tracks onto a blank cd Nero or Whatever burning software Im using just freezes awhile I can also here the blank media in my drive clicking but again not actually burning. Ive tried Several Different CDRW Disc Brands and all to no avail so I just wondered has anyone any idea whats causing this and how if possible I can fix this problem??

Thanking You,

And Just to add to the problems after 5 minutes of the drive trying to burn with the cd clicking and fizzing about inside it is now rejecting it saying to insert a Blank CD-R, but it IS a blank CD-R thats in the drive???

What exact media have you used? CD-RW are different rated and marketed, as US-CDRW, HS-CDRW etc.