CDRW MEDIA 24X 700MB 80MIN Links Please



Please post your Canada/USA links to CDR-W MEDIA 24X 700MB 80MIN.


EDIT argh :frowning: , direct linking not really possible. -> medien


Thank you for the link alexnoe, though I do not speak german… Anyone else with a USA/CANADA Connection?


FYI, I tried to purchase these from the German online store linked in this thread. No dice. They processed the order and then cancelled it, with an apology.


rdgrimes where did you purchase your Verbatim 24x CDRW Media you were testing on this forum string? - CD-RW Media Tests


As it says above, we were looking for 700MB/80min disks. They appear to be available in a very few places in Europe, and selectively show up on Verbatim’s European websites (at least pictures of the disk package–saying 700MB/80min-- appear). There is no dealer in the US.


Originally posted by MayhemMedia
rdgrimes where did you purchase your Verbatim 24x CDRW Media you were testing on this forum string? - CD-RW Media Tests

Those discs are 650mb 24x Verbatim’s.

There is no Canadian retailer (or online) as of yet.

both are showing them instock as I type this.


jaschneider- you can get them at too. They appear to be in stock as of this writing. In Germany, they’re available at Saturn and MediaMarkt stores.





Great! we found a website but I still have a problem as I do not speak German, can one of you fellows here that speak German point me to the point of purchase on for a 10 Pack of Verbatim 700MB CDRW’s please?




@MayhemMedia: Hi, you will find them here: - Produkte - Hardware – Zubehör – Medien – CD-RW: 18,90 Euros/10p

In Austria “Verbatim Ultra-Speed 16-24” are available here: - Shop – Kategorien – CD-RW: 19,40 Euros/10p


Thank you Suthcark, I’ll see what I can do now with the information you provided me and the help of the below Translator- :smiley:


i have some 80min CDR’s in at £5 each if you like. you can also ship to USA and canada.

cheaper again on bulk prices. :eek:

check sig.


sorry, i ment £5 per pack of 25

#16 Your site has no barring to what we are discussing here, which is locating US/Canadian links to Verbatim 700MB 24X CD-RW Discs.:frowning:


we ship to canada and the US. the majority of are orders are from your regions.


Please Post your English North American links for-

16-24X 700MB CD-RW Verbatim’s media please.

P.S. So far we have only been able to locate foreign language sites that do not support the English language on my thread.

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We have a winner:bigsmile:!

16-24X 700MB CD-RW Verbatim’s media!

P.S. Now to attempt to make a purchase.


Two weeks ago, I got Verbatim Ultra Speed (16x-24x) DataLifePlus CD-RW 74min 650MB cased for 2.15$CDN each at

He is located on Montreal’s South shore on the Indian reserve meaning prices shown are what you pay (no GST or PST).