Cdrw (lg Gce-8525b) Driver?

Hi all I have read 3000 forums on lg gce-8525b I have yet to figure out if there is or is not a driver (or compatible one ) for this unit running win 98 or any ideas on getting windows 98 to not think it is only a cdrom and get it to realise it is cdrw and help I would be most greatfull Thanks Andy

What are you expecting to see? Only Windows XP identifies writers as “CD-RW Drive” or similar, and, ignoring server versions of Windows, only Windows XP has built in writing software.

To write, all you need to do is install some writing software compatible with Windows 98 that supports your CD-RW drive - something like Nero should do fine. The only drivers you need are any that the writing software needs to recognise your drive.