CDRW Hardware and Media Prices in Bombay,India

I thought that since I live close to Lamington Road in Bombay, which is pretty much the best place to buy computer hardware here, I would put up some prices of CDRW hardware and media.
Sony 401248 (OEM Lite-On 40125S/W) is about 3700 rupees
Sony 481248 (OEM Lite-On 48126S) is about 4300-4400 rupees.
This can be flashed with Sony 482448 or newer Lite-On (48126S,48246S and 52246S) firmwares.

Asus CRW4012A is about 3900
Asus CRW4816A is about 4700-4900

Lite-On original 40125S/W 3500-3700
Lite-On original 48125S/W 4000-4200

( I haven’t seen the newer 6 series drives here yet, so if anyone has, please post!)

Benq 40/12/48 ( :evil: ) 3200!

Aopen 481250 is around 4000

MSI Dragonwriters are also available, ask around for their cost.

Samsung 40X Premium (Ritek) ->12-15 rupees a piece, if you buy =>20
Mitsubishi Super AZO 24 rupees per piece (only seen them at Cassette World)
Princo 48X 12-13 rupees per piece.
Frontech 40X same price as above

I’ll keep adding stuff to this post.
If all you Indians on the forum find anything more, please post!
Mods, I hope that this is all right, ie posting Indian prices here.

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