CDRW/DVD drive not working with new comp

Well, I looked in the BIOS and it also lists that many IDE channels. Does SATA for some reason get listed as IDE? When my computer boots up and checks for IDE devices, it lists that many. It only detects two drives, but it looks on all the other channels. I’ve never seen a computer with so many devices listed under IDE before.

And no, I haven’t updated the firmware. I don’t know what firmware is on there, so I don’t know if it needs to be updated. How do I check what version the firmware is? The latest download I could find on Samsung’s website was from 2003. I don’t want to flash the drive if it’s not necessary.

phiscally your motherboard have only 2 ide ports therfore 2 “channels” ,but i heard that in nforce3 and up sata uses ide emulation (so no f6 & driver will be needed for the os installation) but i think thats way too many ide channels even for such emulation and “dual channel pci ide controller” is in most cases a wrong identifcation,install the nvidia ide driver as you said before you dont have much to lose

you can see the firmware version with nero infotool in “drive” tab,or with vso inspector which you can get from

edit: so your saying the bios itself lists 6 diffrent ide channels?

I’ll give that program a shot tonight and see if I need to upgrade. I’ll also try the SW drivers, though I’m almost positive it won’t help. And yes, my BIOS lists many IDE drives for detection. The first two are obviously my HD (IDE1/Master) and my DVD drive (IDE1/Slave), and the next two are IDE2 Master/Slave. I’m not sure what the rest are, and since I’m at work I can’t recall exactly how many show up. As mentioned, I tried setting them to “None” for all, instead of “Auto,” hoping that would kind of disable them. It didn’t look at them for drives, but Windows still detected them.

I also mentioned that when I deleted the bottom two “Duel Channel PCI IDE Controllers”, it didn’t force a reboot like deleting the top one did. I’m wondering if this means something. But if you’re saying the SATA are emulating IDE, this might explain it. Is that bad? I must say I’m not at all familiar with the ways of SATA, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on. Do you think disabling them in Windows would have any effect? Is there a way to disable them in BIOS?

To sum: Tonight I’ll try updating the firmware if it needs it, and installing the SW IDE drivers. I’ll also report back to you on exactly how many “IDE” channels/devices my BIOS lists. If you can think of anything else, I’d appreciate it.

Okay, I’ve tried everything and still nothing works. I flashed the drive to the latest BIOS and still nothing. I installed the SW IDE drives and nothing. I also played around in the BIOS and disabled the SATA ports. That got rid of the “extra” IDE channels. To sum, here’s what it looked like in my BIOS before:

Here’s what Windows looked like after I disabled the SATA ports in BIOS:

And here’s what it looks like now with the SW IDE drivers:

It still can’t read DVDs. I can hear it try and spin it up, then die, then try, then die, the whole time the access light is blinking. Then it just stops. That’s it. I’ve tried a movie DVD and a game DVD. I’m not sure what to do now. It feels like I’m running out of options. Any other ideas? Hardware troubleshooting is by far not my specialty, so I have no idea what to do here. Thanks again, and let me know if I can give you anything that might help. It seems like all I’m doing when I get home from work is trying to get this drive to read some DVDs.

I should also mention that BIOS and detecting drives on bootup both look normal again with only two IDE ports listed.

i have only 3 things to offer not sure how helpfull they will be

a) connect it alone,on the secondary ide channel with a 40wire ide cable

b) unplug its molex (4pin power plug) and connect another instead, maybe the wires of the current one a bit loose

c) get it out and hook it up to the old pc see if it works there and if it doesnt work there youll know its the drives fault and nothing else,but if it will work on the older pc im outta ideas maybe your motherboard just dont like this one

Sorry, but you didn’t really. Memtesting is a good idea nonetheless.
Anyway, you should replace the drive. It’s about time.

I’ll check the secondary IDE channel again tomorrow. May I ask what a 40wire IDE cable is? How is that different from a regular IDE cable? I also already tried another power connector, it didn’t do anything. If after I try putting it back on IDE2 and it doesn’t work I think I’ll just buy a drive like I planned to see if it works. Whether it does or doesn’t I’ll end up returning it. I just don’t want to order one from NewEgg to find out it doesn’t work.

Anyway, thanks for being a good sport and so helpful. I have a couple more questions (aside from the one above :slight_smile: ). First, can I try putting it on IDE2 Slave? Would that possibly work? Second, how can I test the IDE port itself? I wrote to MSI tech support, explained in a long email what was wrong, and this is the reply I got:

[i]Dear Customer

If you have found that the IDE socket has malfunctioned, please contact your vendor for a replacement.[/i]

Helpful, yes? So that’s why I’d like to be able to test if my IDE port works or not. I suppose if the new drive doesn’t work it’s probably the IDE port and I’ll email Monarch to see what can be done. Maybe I can get an enclosure and hook up an internal drive through USB2. Or just buy a new MB. Anyway, thanks again to everyone, especially phil for all the help.

basicly there are 2 types of ide cables
a) 40 wires ,supports upto ata33/udma2,intended for optical drives
b) 80 wires, supports upto ata133/udma6,intended for hard drives
most optical drives are ata33 sure they can also work with 80 wires cable but they wont get much benefit from it

since the secondary ide channel have no devices attached to it you can put it as you like master/slave doesnt matter much if only 1 device is on a channel,im not aware of a way to test ide ports but from some reason your hdd works fine on at least the 1st ide channel so its hard to believe the ide port is at fault,removing sp2 might be helpfull

nice to be appreciated :bigsmile:

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’ll try different jumper settings and cable locations on IDE2 with the drive. I’m not sure how to tell the difference between a 40 and an 80 wire cable. I’ve only ever seen what look to be the same type of IDE cable. Does the 40 looks smaller/thinner? I’ve got a few cables lying around that I’m going to try to make sure it’s not the cable. But you’re right, my HD works just fine, so it can’t be the rounded cable that came with my board, nor should it be the actual IDE1 port.

I’ll try everything I’ve got left tonight. If all that fails, I’ll pick something up from Staples tomorrow and hope that works. At this point it does seem like the drive is just incompatible with my board for some reason. I guess it is about three years old, but it’s still odd. And if I still can’t get a new drive to work I think I’ll try to RMA the board. There really shouldn’t be this many problems with getting it to go. Are there IDE->SATA converters? If so, would something like that maybe help? I’m dying to just stick a new drive in there and see what happens. I can’t believe I’ve held out so long. :slight_smile:

flat 80 wires ide cable :
flat 40 wires ide cable :
basicly you can tell by the connector colors,as for round ones all of em are 80 wires

there are ide>sata converters but i dont that that will help as i said since the hdd works fine on at least the 1st ide channel its not very likely that the ide port is at fault

its not sure the drive is incompatible with your board,think about it like this:
when it was on the older pc did you play dvd’s daily or once in a while? …
this might be the reason you think it worked fine on the older pc ,if it wasnt used regulary on dvd’s you cant be sure the drive aint faulty,anyway ive found several threads with same problem on google and the drive was at fault,you might wanna try a lens cleaner disc

with todays prices buying another combo is pointless dvd burner costs just a bit more
so go for a dvd burner but dont buy it blindly because you might regret it do some research before your going for it (read reviews on cdfreaks/cdrinfo/cdrlabs,and look at quality scans on forum threads)

Thanks for the pics. I didn’t realize the colors had anything to do with it. I was using an 80 wire. I’ll see what else I have buried.

And that’s a good point about the DVDs. I did used to have a DVD drive in yet another computer, and one day it just stopped working. But that was the difference. When that drive stopped working it couldn’t even read CDs. It could just be a weird coincidence that it died when I swapped it out, I guess.

As for the drive, yes, I’ll do the research. I just don’t want to buy a drive off the internet to find out it IS my motherboard. I’d like to get one at a local store, make sure it works, return it, then save the money and buy a better one off the internet. I’m looking at an NEC drive that everyone seems to think is pretty decent. I’m not 100% concerned about getting the best drive out there since I don’t really have the need for a DVD burner. But you’re right, there’s absolutely no point in getting a combo drive at this point. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to spend the money. Anyway, that’s what I plan on doing today. I’ll see what happens and report back. Thanks again.

I just thought you’d like to know, I bought a new drive and it seems to work fine! It reads CDs, DVDs, CDRs, CDRWs etc. woohoo! It’s a cheapo generic drive, but I plan on purchasing an NEC 3540 in the near future. I’ve got two weeks to return this drive, so I’ll use it in the meantime.

Anyway, thanks for all your help. I learned quite a bit about optical drives and hardware in general. Now I can play my bundled copy of FarCry! :slight_smile: