Cdrw drive won't work, software conflicts?

My friend’s cd-rw drive stops working suddendly. He has nero, blind write suite, and ez cd creator installed. Nero can write to cd-r but when insert cd-rw, it reports incorrect medai. Ez cd won’t recognize the drive. He said last year before he did an clean install of his OS, ez cd worked on his drive.

We tried the drive on a different pc and nero works fine. It must be a software conflict. Any suggestions?

Try removing the burning software and reinstalling it(even regclean to get rid of the crap in the registry)

If that don’t work,Format c:.

Get rid of ezcd cremator totally including all registry entries and the driver it leaves behind when you uninstall it (search the forum for details), then uninstall and re-install nero and it should work without further problems.

And, btw, never install both nero and cremator on the same system. Although they may both work properly on some systems, they’re not compatible and you’re asking for trouble if you install both. Better still, don’t install cremator:Z on any system, or at least don’t do so if you want to burn cds.:stuck_out_tongue: