CDRW drive can only burn CDR Disc and not CDRW disc

I’m using a Samsung CDRW 482448 248F drive with the latest firmware R604.

Previously it has been working fine but recently an unusaul problem happened.

Everytime I burn CDRW, the drive will have many unreadable bad sectors. I tested them with NERO cd speed 2.11 version Scandisc. But then again, it has been only happening to my Mitsubishi ultraspeed 24X 700MB CDRW discs. An OEM brand of ultraspeed discs also have the same results.

But when I burn CDRs, it is always a perfect burn, error free, no unreadbale or damaged sectors in Scandisc.

Anybody with a solution?

Thanks in advance…

Upz… I tried to update my nero to NERO 6. But to my horror, each and every disc burned although sucessful, can’t be read by any another drive except the CDRW drive itself…

Anyone can help?

If you can’t now burn CD-R, I’d be wondering whether the CD-RW drive has failed.

You could try burning using the built in burning support in Windows XP if you’re running Windows XP (or some other alternative to Nero) just to see what happens.


I can still burn cd-r. I’m not using windows xp. I’m using windows ME. What other burning program can I use?

One option would be to install Feurio without a serial number - that way, you can experiment with burning audio CDs, which should be enough to test the drive.


When I used Feurio to duplicate my audio cd, something strange happened…

When the program started duplicating, the speed of burning was on average 4x, even though it was a 24X rated CDRW disc.

After successfully burning the disc, it claimed that due to frequent buffer underuns, this prevented burning at max speed possible.

And the subsequent scandisk results using NERO cdspeed 2.11 turned up 94% good and 6% damaged.

Compared to using NERO 5.5 to burn my disc, which turned up more than 20% bad sectors, this was a marked improvement.

So can I conclude that my writer can’t burn at 24x for CDRW disc anymore? It can only burn at slower speeds from now is it?

I wonder if the problem is that DMA has become disabled on the drive. Check in Nero InfoTool - look at the Configuration tab.

If DMA is disabled, then, assuming Windows 2000 or XP, simply uninstall the IDE channel that the drive is on using Device Manager (you will need to be an Administrator - right click over the Primary IDE Channel or Secondary IDE Channel as appropriate, then choose Uninstall). Reboot. That should solve the problem.

Nobody has reported problems following these instructions.