CDRW Drive Advice!



I also wanted some advice on which CDRW drive to buy. I'm deciding on the TDK VeloCDRW, HP 9110, and Acer drive. All are 8x4x32x and ide. The HP and the TDK both have 4meg buffers, while the Acer has an 8meg. Where I live, they all cost the same price, and are bundled with the same software. Which one of these three are better? Thanks


If I were you, I would buy a plextor,
Then you are sure that you gone copy evrything


I have a plextor 8x4x32 drive and i havent come up against any protections that i can’t copy yet so perhaps bebop aint talkin so much crap after all
better if people just gave constructive replies instead of trying to be superior all the time


The HP 9100i is a good all around writer. Don’t get the Acer. Its reliability isn’t all that great. I think that the TDK uses Plextor’s tech.

I have a Yamaha 8404EZ & I love it. Only problem is I can’t use Clone CD.


The HP9110 ide works perfectly with
clonecd and is not to expensive.
So what more do you need ??
Be sure to get a good reader (Toshiba)
because the HP 9110 doesn’t support raw reading


I decided to go with the HP 9110… i bought the TDK earlier but it just suckd. so just as a warning to you all. DON’T BUY THE TDK VELOCDWRITER!!! It’s terrible with poor software support and terrible online help. Right now I have a Pioneer 10X DVD/40X CDrom and it won’t read for me when I want to burn, so I have to use the hp to read and to write… whihc kinda sucks… any suggestions? should i get the kenwood 72 truex?


Don’t waste $130 on the Kenwood. Get a Toshiba or Teac.