CDRW Disc grows mold?

I left the disc in the cdrw drive for about two to three weeks without touchig it, last night when I took it out, there are hundreds of small spots all over the entire burning surface, I try to scratch it off with my fingernails, but it’s not coming off(or maybe a little bit), I was wondering what could that stuff be?

will that hurt my 52327s drive?

EDIT: I just did a full format without problem

that sounds nasty. I would like to see a picture of it :o

yeah pics please… they will go perfect with my janet superbowl collection.

can’t provide picture, no digital camera here…

I believe I have a CD-R with the same problem. If it is still in my posession, I will post a picture when I get home tonight.

Moved to the media forum for obvious reasons.

Most likely, heat was the cause for the trouble, and the disc is ruined. Poor quality media is also possible. Toss it.

I was able to produce a pic, but it is too large (about 60KB) to attach on cdfreaks. I no longer have webspace available. If anyone wants it bad enough, feel free to PM me with your addy, and it will be sent.

u can upload it here

When I attempt upload, I get “this is not a valid file”

Originally posted by CKS
u can upload it here

Try converting it to jpg or gif. The uploader thing doesn’t allow png or bmp.

it’s jpeg already. it’s no problem. cnelson PM’ed me and is going to post it for me. will have y’all a link shortly.

Holy crap!!! Never seen that happen before.:eek:

I still say it’s heat damage.