Cdrw dectec problem

I hav a ltr-52327s cdrw drive on computer. System detecs drive in cmos but wont install. have tried unistalling ide controller and also attempted installing external drive to no avial. Please help. Thank you

What os hoss…and are you using 80 pin ide cables?

we need to know a lil more about the rest of the pc to help you…:slight_smile:

Comp mfg by Aopen. Pentium4 2.4Ghz. 256mb XP Proffessional You got me on the cables but I’m guessing that is correct. Also external cdrw is connected using usb. Please excuse my ignorance and thanks for the prompt reply.

for clarification…I’m assuming the ltr is an internal drive you installed yourself…as an upgrade?

did you double check the master/slave settings on the drive?

improper setting could let the box boot, cmos see it, but is not set as master or default cable select could give you this error if it’s not slaved to another eide device…:slight_smile:

Negative wise one. I have not opened the case for fear that it would void the warranty. The unit is less than a year old. The problems statarted after I installed Scansoft Naturally Speaking Preferred 7.0 Had successfully upgraded to 7.2. Then version 7.3 came out. I installed and the software statarted acting up. Had all kind of problem unistalling the software. Did various restore prior to upgrading and even insytalling the software. Tried to clean register too. Now, I can’t used the drive ( after unistall and reinstalling the drive) recived message that " hardware has been installed but you may have problem uisng it. I was thinking of doing a complete restore to factory but 1. Don’t want to unless I have to and 2. WIll I be able to if the OS can install teh drive. Like I said, it shows up in the BIOS. Once again thank you oh mighty oracle of the cd world for your assistance and wisdom.

ok…you have be a lil befuzzled here…just so we understand eachother…1) this is an external USB burner…
2) was this previously a working drive prior to your software mentioned event?

Also…what do you mean when you say your cmos/bios sees it? If it’s usb device…bios/cmos doesn’t see it…the port to access it is software loaded during boot.

Did the drive come with any drivers on a disk? If not, try and download some drivers for it using google.

Forgive my train of thouth. TO begin with. The cpu came equipt with the Lite-On tehcnology ltr-52327s cdrw. I tried using by connecting via usb a mitsumi cr-4824tu (old cdrw). I have looked for drive for the Lite-on cdrw. All I could find was firmware.

Forgot to mention. Yes the drive worked pecflectly well. Had no problems with burning or playind cd’s

Does the drive show in device manager? Does it have any crosses or exclamation marks beside it?

yes, with and exclamation. tried doing everything from driver updated to unistalled to installed new hardware. No luck. Also when I tried using the external cdrw, it also showed up in device manager with an exclamation mark.

Have you tried unintalling / reintalling your ide interfaces? if it worked fine before…it doesn’t sound like hardware. Also make sure the ide interfaces are set for udma…not PIO, XP can have a nast habit of self modifying this…

I have unistalled and install the IDE controller and that has not helped. I will chck the settings and let you know. Thanks for your help

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Interfaces are set for udma not PIO. Please, please, please (he begged) help me. I totally lost. thanks

short of formatting the drive…one suggestion. Remove “all” burning software. uninstall all of it. Reboot. Then…uninstall the drives…again…reboot.

From there…make proper use of those driver discs you got with the drives…and update me your progress…:slight_smile:

I have tried to remove NERO and it will not let me. I have already tried unistalling the drive and rebooting, and it did not work.