I have had many CDRW and DVD+RW when trying to use the PC says no media detected. Some of these discs are new some have been used. When I check properties it shows 0 used and 0 available. Can anything be done to recover these discs?
I have had this problem since the beginning of CDRW years ago. It has happened with many manufacturers discs. Memorex, Fuji (the worst), Maxel, and Imation to name a few.


Hey tgrfn2.
Have you tried reading these RWs in other drives?
(Which drive are you using, by the way?)


Yes. I have tried in E: a TEAC DVDRW drive pre-installed, F: a Samsung DVD ROM drive pre-installed, and K: an extra internal DVDRW TSST taken from an old HP PC connected to a USB port
Thank you for reading by post and replying.