CDRW always shows the same CD content, even if trying to open a different CD

My cdrw is the AOPEN 52x with the lates firmware, my problem is that when I install BlindWrite 5.02 the cdrw hangs on the content of the first CD that I inserted since the PC boot.

Here is what happens:

I boot the PC with no cd in CDRW drive
I insert a cd in CDRW and everything is fine, the cdrw reads and writes ( any cd )
Than I take it out of the cdrw and put another cd in, when I open the cdrw content it shows me the files of that last cd I had in. wierd
Even if I dont have a cd in the cdrw, the PC still shows me the content of that first cd I inserted since the boot.

Any ideas? :confused:

I have seen that happen on some systems and it happens on mine …I update bios and update IDE drivers and it didnt happen again . Also if it still shows old contents go to my computer and then click on dvd drive … right click …and pick eject and then push the tray back it. IT will clear it out .


nice thx :bow: