CDRW 650MB can store upto GIG



A rumor…just a rumor I heard that WinOnCD can create a winoncd-only file system that can possibly hold up to a gig on a single RW. ANY INFO ANYBODY?


to clarify: it is actually packetcd, but all it does is compress the data, so yes, it can store 1.2 gigabytes on a single disc, but that disc can only be read on systems that have a CD-RW drive and packetcd installed.


It’s more effective to compress files before with winzip, cg winrar and store them on cd.
you can unpack them from cd in every situation


And what if they are already compressed?


i tried this on sony writer on cdrw’s. it compresses only uncompressed files. when you burn packed file (rar, zip) you can upload up to 550 mb, because packetcd format takes 100MBs from cd size.

but i tried only 3 or 4 cdrw’s so i am not sure that there is no way to burn 1.2 gb to cd.


It’s the same fake as presented with tapedrives: you know>5GB compressed and 2,5GB uncompressed(native)
So there fits a 650MB in native mode on a regular CDR.
You only can compress, when files are willing to be compressed, but the best compressionratio is delivered by programs like winace, winrar and winzip.
Their archives are not supposed to be compressed further substantially.


This same shit is on the box of the newer Philips CD writers (200 and 400 series)…Record up to 1GB of data on a single CD. Sells like hell but it’s deceiving thus illegal

Sue Philips and CeQuadrat ?


Yaa, thanx for the feedback. It was truly precious.
I first heard about “…” from my old man who knew I was stuck for space and had gotten heavily into cdrw’s. Especially in regards to mp3s. Arguably, not the best storage solution in any category, but depending on bitrate you could end up with 10+ albums on 1 * 650 cdrw!

Hell, I was just looking for another way to push the envelope!