Cdrw 48/24/48 PlexWriter v. Iomega (liteon) - quality?

Knowledgeable advice MUCH appreciated.
:bow: Looking at Plexwriter & Iomega USB 2. Main use will be large graphic files in different formats that I’ll be, changing, moving around – using cd-rw as close as possible to second hard drive (as well as making CD’s to send to people), so RW speed is important.
Second, less critical use will be music - voice, classical, jazz, so sound quality key for that. My impression (yes?), is one key to audio quality is recording at slower speeds for accuracy.

Read Plextor has good quality sound, but picky re media, the Iomega (like TDK & Imation, made by Liteon, I think) gets good reviews on speed, no mention audio quality.
 Any experience/opinions one vs. other for these uses?

At moment I’ve got a Thinkpad 600, 288mg. memory, only 366 speed, but I’m upgrading to much faster soon.
Thanks. Can post, or email direct to

I wouldn’t buy the Iomega due to support issues such as customer support, tech support, and firmware support.

If the choice is between Iomega and Plextor, I would take the Plextor every time regardless of what rebadged product Iomega is selling.

I agree with Inertia, I had an Iomega ZipCD 650 that in the 1.5 years I owned it never had a firmware update. Also it semi-died, meaning that I couldn’t write on certain cdrw’s.

Very helpful. I was thinking in terms of specific features, but what you say about going with more reliable brand generally is just as important – and less easy to find out.