Cdrw 40-48 MSI Better than LiteONs - quality?

Hi all,

I would like to know if someone is using or recommend the
MSI CDRW Drives (40 or 48)…

Are these MSI CDRW Drives better than LiteONs???

What about quality of these MSI CDRW drives?

Thanks in advanced


I’ve read some reviews on them in the past. Conclusion was: a reasonable drive, but not competeting with either LiteOn or Plextor…

The 48 one is IMO a very good drive, having speeds the same as LiteOn and good burn quality.
The 40 is a VERY bad drive, it’s ultra-picky and hard to make an error-free burn at 40x, and also its 40x is slower than the Lite-On’s 32x.

Hi all,

Thanks for your suggestions!!

I think that I will go and get another LiteON 40 or 48x…