, your portal?

I just posted the article, your portal ?.

You surely have already heared about The “Free CDR Recording Software” site !
But since I have a really great team, and good friends around me, we can support more stuff to you…

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Yep it works. Check out

You called yourself cdrSOFT but you only have HARD xxx shit! Start removing your F&^ banners, then maybe we will check it.

This site is not shit, N.B. was the first site to have the NERO previews in the web and once again, he was the first to have the version! :frowning:

Since the former webmaster, Crcpl, left cdrsoft, it has slowly deteriorated to a "non-SF-porn filled-slow downloading-limited updates site with multiple enter and exit pop-ups. :r What a shame! This “use to be” a great place for CDR/RW goodz. N.B. (may) have been the first with Nero preview and ISO. But what’s the use in having them if they are on slooow servers or only a small number of ppl can download the prog. cdrsoft is a “has been” site and N.B. has a lot of work ahead to bring this site back to full glory. Sigh… I really miss Recording Underground (no BS; just pure CDR warez)

Jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, Get your selfs a pop-up killer. And don’t nag N.B. about it… If he doesn’t have the cashflow, he has to do it this way. :frowning:

That’s right. Did you ever think about other things then surfer-friendly ? Perhaps you have already recognized why he needs the money ? I think his site is best CDRSoft page on world … doesnt matter how much popups there will be openened ! Just take a look on other “warez” pages … they pop up at least 4 … so whats the problem ?

So, now it is time for MY comment mates :wink: turned into a shity site ? okay, if you think so, visit another site … That is my only comment for that ! :wink: Bcz, you really think I earn any money out of popups ? Or out of the banners ? You really think so ? No, I don´t earn anything out of the site. Just some $$ for some CDRs but nothing more ! And since I do my spare time is cut down to zero. I don´t have time for my g/f, family and so on. If you think it is fun to do such a site, then you may have it. But you won´t have spare time any more. When your friens go out at night, you will sit @ your computer and will talk to other webmasters about banner exchange, or maybe the BSA bcz they want to shutdown your site. And the other thing is paying the webspace ! You all say is slow. Yes, maybe, but we have already a dedicated server and it costs about 900 $ per month. So they only thing I have from is lots of work. And to make the site faster I have bought the dedicated server, and payed it with the popups ! Doing this is site is dangerous bcz of BSA and all the other fuckerz, and surely no fun. You have to pay servers, you hope you get the money from the sponsors, and you don´t have any spare time anymore … So, if you really think I do a bad job mates, then I will quit. Shutdown and you can find another site. This will bring lots of spare time, and time for my g/f :wink: Now you may ask, why this guy is doing it, if he don´t want to … Bcz I like the burner community and bcz I want to help you … so stop to shit on my …

Yes, This is what I cal a anwser.:8

Allright… This one is for TAFKAP: :frowning: Do you think CDRWarez is stupid or something? Just like N.B. I do my best to keep the site up and running. Why are you pointing with http://stupid.cdrsoft.*** to my page? To N.B.: :wink: Keep on going man, I know how it works, and we all respect you (keep it down on the pop-ups though…) -DiViDeZeRo-

To the 'Get your selfs a pop-up killer" comment, I reply by saying: 'Ignorance will never overcome obedience"… Figure out that one. Okay… So now that we have heard the points and counter-points about cdrsoft, what’s left to say? Well plenty, but I’ll try to keep it short. First, I think that webmasters that visit this forum should view it as a place to get feedback to help make their sites better. Surely, some of the forum reactions are bound to be negative or even insulting. That’s okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be it constructive or not. So webmasters, you should look for the message in the constructive comments and ignore the rest. But if all or most the comments are negative, than a problem must truly exist. Understand that many of us have been spoiled by the old days when warez sites found it a little easier to generate $$$ and were a little more SF. We (or at least I) realize that things have changed and webmasters must do what’s necessary to keep the site going. But you should CLEARLY post on your site what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. To that point, DiViDeZeRo’s site is a clear example of keeping ppl informed. You almost always know what DiViDeZeRo is doing because it is 'clearly posted" on the site… Good job DiViDeZeRo! So, when we are smacked in the face with inordinate pop-ups and porn with no 'clear" explanation of why, then how do you expect ppl to react? Well, I think you got a clear reaction to your actions in this forum. To N.B…. I for one (as does many others) recognize that it takes a lot of time, effort and $$$ to run a warez. I, and I hope others, appreciate your efforts. I encourage you to keep it going, but lighten up a little on the pop-ups and porn. When it’s all said and done, I believe that is the true message that the ppl are trying to get across to you. Peace!

Well listen up, what site would post several links for the Nero 5504 ISO, and not one of them works, that right I have tried them all, Is it just a wind up? Don’t get me wrong CDRsoft is the best CDR site on the net! Come on lads get yer act together for us all. Yes and DivideZero took his 39 zip files off-line, I got 38 of them, and just missing, can someone send me a temp url so I can get this one file :slight_smile: Keep up the good work Greetz from the UK :7