down....4 ever?

I just posted the article down…4 ever?.

Submitted by: the1englishman

Acording to Golem is down for the forciable future due to legal reasons… lets hope it returns to its former…

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Hi Folks !

The domain maybe lost …
The Server as well

But we will continue …

Wait till weekend and we will
be upp again !

CU !


WebMaster @

Ooppps …

Sorry, I forgotten something

Plz email us, if you could support cdrsoft with wwwSpace !

CU !

What glory, if I may ask??? It’s been ages since had glory… They rarely even have any new software or anything else and the old stuff that is there doesn’t even work (the links are broken)… Sorry, but the glory days are over… There are just two respectable CD-R sites left: CDFreaks and CD-RInfo!

N.B keep going on , I would say

N.B. keep going on !!!
CDFreaks and CD-RInfo are very good sites but they doen’t have warez stuff like u do.And if u get lost after R.U. Its gonna be a major strike for free cdr sofwtare!

CDRINFO used to have all warez and now they have only SHIT!!!
AND there has been a rumour that they give in other sites!!
AND we need RU and DBZ and CDRSOFT to come back and give us the BEST sites we MISSED them so MUCH!!!

Keep it up N.B.!! You have a great site and I used it a lot! I hope to see you up and running again very soon!!
Greetings and support from Holland!!

…hope to come back with new stuff this time! is the best CDR Software. Please come back soon. I missed you terribly as the last few days I could not log on.

ThanX for supplying us with good software and info through the year…

Good luck in the future thanx for everything and come back soon.
I miss you
from holland wit love

i hope you guy’s come back
because you are the best.

why not try

FTP is the only way…
the best way to get warezz…aso for CDR.
F**k you damned deleters!

Every little help counts dewds…