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I just posted the article back online on new URL.

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CDRSoft.NET is back online. One of the best sites on the web offering cd-r software and tools can now be found at this URL:

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This is just the mirror server !

The old one will be back soon !

CU !


WebMaster @


This site was updated by me Ace.Inc. from
Thanx to n.b. for making me co webmaster


keep up the good work , yeah!!!


I found this one and looks a kick ass site:


Good news.
I’m glad your back guys :wink:


Welcome back dude!!!


this news makes day


…makes my day


New server is almost reddy… no more hanky panky on the new 800 Mhz 512 MB Ram linux 7.0 super Webspace server specialy build for CDFREAKS… 15 nov 2000 on air