CDRSoft is back online!

I just posted the article CDRSoft is back online !.

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Our friends of CDRSoft are back, CDRSoft is the oldest website that brings you the latest burning software and always for free. As the new…

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But it will fade away slowly…

Yes, fading …

But I will bring the whole site back !

To it olds glory !

CU !


cdrsoft rulez…

shut up spine

hopefully it WILL get it’s good days back…

Shut up 1 & spine this is 2 talking…hahah

Sorry 1 & spine … just couldn’t resist.


CDRRSOFT back good.
Please update your link in the left screen.

Grtz LoveByte

Now with new domain ! !

CU !


WebMaster @

Cdrdownloads is also back up & soon

Not b!tchin here, but I get nuthin at these urls (new or old):
When will our old friends be back online???

well its back for real now(from golem) http.//
also http.//

Good Burner! No problem at all with 30 dvd and cd burned! i recommend this burner

Unfortunately this drive do not have a SPDIF out. I did not had this information before buying two pieces. It seems that the NEC MC10041 do not have a digital output. I have checked around the analog left and right (pins 216 and 214) but did not find any digital output. Jeremie

hi my name is daniel and i am having troble with my dvd drive on my computer it will only load dvds and nothing else no photos, music or even windows xp instaltion and i was wondering if anyone new what i had to do to get it working propaly