Cdrsoft forum down?

ne1 know what’s happened to this forum. it’s been down over aday now.

… any new link for it?

i miss them very much, hope they’ll back soon.

been trying for 3 days, cannot even get on main site :frowning:

It’s all a bit ominous… @ the cdrsoft forums, the best downloads are the ones I make through my eyes… the text…


It would be nice (I think) to know what is happening

This works sometimes…

The main server is down as well:confused:

Greets too all from The diplomat:D

Let us hope the site hasn’t been busted or it is down purly for making changes, I remember seeing this article on the site some time back

We have no news at present about what has happened to the CDRSoft forum or on N.B.

However we have set up a Temporary forum HERE (Mods, I hope that this is OK to post. No warez/cracks/serials are allowed there btw. If this is not OK then please alter as you see fit.)

So all you who are missing the forum please feel free to come along to our temporary home. :wink:

Sorry but I’m unable to shed any light onto why cdrsoft forum is down. NB has not been able to be contacted.

The man site is till up, just takes 4-5 min for it to show. The IRC channel is still working also. Its just the forum is down. :frowning:

Hope all is well, I had emailed woody 3days ago nothing yet,nice to see you here chickenman :slight_smile:

peace gasman :wink:

It’s back up and running again!!!:slight_smile: just a few technical difficulties.

Yep, it crashed and N.B. was away at the time.

Time to update that P166 me thinks. LOL :bigsmile:

All is back to normal now though. :wink: