CDRsoft finally back



I just posted the article CDRsoft finally back….

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yep is back !

What else can I add. We keep reporting about it, and here it is…

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jesus we will need gps to track cdrsoft down next :slight_smile:


What can I say more then:


Not 2 fast though!

And needs 2 be upgraded fast!


As long as they are BACK i am relieved! Nothing can catch people doing what is smart in the world! Like pirating only when we feel that its not woth buying! THIS USUALLY IS THE ISSUE WHEN PIRATING!


this has a cool software and utils download section,

the best i have ever seen!


you have to admit its fun
tracking him, great site


I hope so that they will update the site faster than some times! It is great site and I hope that site will not be down soon!


I’m glad you’r back.
Hope you stay forever.


Hi !

Yes, back online !

Will upload and update tomorrow !

CU !



sorry N.B but is ruling!!! It’s WAY faster and (most of) it’s downlods actually work!



it is ok and definitely has some good utils. i wouldnt rate its long term chances though, at least on ic24

ic24 is a free uk isp and doesnt have a very friendly warez policy…

bout as kosha as a sosage samwitch in a synagogue!

my advice to fafnr (obviously the author of this site) post the site as news on the ‘submit news’ link on the opening page of cdfreaks. if domin8or is feeling ok then u may get on or even get a permanent link. definitely get the hosting situation sorted mind…



I think its great that cdr software back but i think cdr download is also a great site so good luck to both of them!!