Back over the last week or two, I had questions about my CD Player having problems.
I don’t know if I should have posted another “Reply” in the place where you all responded to my questions.
However, I did. I asked about the different terms of the types of CDR’s and it really confused me. If you all get a chance to view that Reply in the Newbie Forum, I would appreciate very much, if you can find it.
Thanks, Phil


Your last thread here in the Newbies was this one:

If you want replies to continue in that thread I can merge this present one into the old one.


I can’t find the Post.
Essentially, when looking online to buy some CDR’s, I came across terms like “Silver Inkjet Printable”, “White inkjet hub” ,“Water shield Inkjet Hub”, White inkjet printable hub" .
I have no idea what this all means.
Thanks, Phil


All of those terms apply to inkjet printable disks. They are very different looking surfaces, and the ones that say “hub” will allow you to print a picture on the top of the cd much closer to the center hole.

Watershield is a term used by Taiyo Yuden/JVC, and provides a waterproof, scratch resistant top surface that can be printed on by inkjet printers. Only certain inkjet printers can work with optical disks by the way, and Epson has a stranglehold on that market in the US.


Thanks a lot for the info. I plan on buying some “Taiyo Yuden” or the JVC, unless you recomend any other Brand I can buy off the shelf at “Best Buy” or another Electronics store.


If I were buying cds, I’d consider the TY/JVC disks first, above anything else on the market.

If you feel a need for extra protection on the top side of the cds, get the watershield versions, but that generally isn’t needed for day to day use.


I’ll do that. Thanks a lot for your help.