Anybody ever used Maxell cdr’s?
I know, I like verbatims and tdk’s best also, but I’m just curious to know.



I always use Maxell cdrs, it seems that my HP7200i was very
friendly with the brand. I also use verbatime, but BASF cdrs
sometime give me bad copies.


Anybody Knows a web page where CD-Rs and CD-RWs are tested?


I use Maxells for audio, and no problems yet.
But, they only overburn to just under 77 mins, just like Verbatims (??made by same company??)


I have used a lot of Maxell CD-R74 disks over the last year. They have always worked very well for me. The only thing I don’t like about them is that the bumpy gold top surface doesn’t hold a label on it very well at all. If you plan on putting sticky back labels on your copy, I suggest you use some other brand.I also use TDK and Verbatim. There is more info here

and a whole lot more info here.


no problems with audio or data, only my psx seems to have problems reading the audiotracks of maxell discs!!!



I’ve used Maxell cd-r’s in the past and I must say I totally LOATHE them. Almost all my Maxells, though they worked just fine when I’d just made them, don’t work anymore.
Now I always use Philips cd-r’s. These work on EVERY reader and almost NEVER fail. Don’t use That’s Write either. They work rather good on a PC reader, but a psx one doesn’t even see them.