CDR's with clicks between tracks-PLEASE HELP!

Will someone PLEASE help?

I’m getting muted “clicks” at the transitions between tracks when copying live audio CD’s with Easy CD Creator 5. I’ve tried 2 different computers (and 2 brands of burners) and still have the same problem.

I’m recording DAO (from image files recorded to my hard drive using ECDC5) )and even tried burning as slow as 1x speed, but the problem still persists.

I’ve read that a wave stripping program may help solve this, but I haven’t a clue what to use, or how to use it. All my files on my hard drive are “.cif” files anyway, so a wave editor doesn’t recognize them.

Roxio has been anything BUT helpful on this (I spent $75 upgrading from 4.0 to 5.0 in an effort to solve this problem, and hours with them on the phone and they haven’t offered a single solution that works. I’m still creating coasters!)

Should I just abandon Easy CD Creator and try Nero and/or Exact Audio Copy (assuming either of these will eliminate the “clicks”)?

If anyone has any experience with this, or can give me some insight, I’d be most appreciative. I’m not very computer-literate and I’m at my wit’s end here.

By the way, I’ve tried 2 different burners on 2 different computers and am experiencing the identical problem (using Easy CD Creator). On my main computer I’m using an Iomega ZIPCD3840INT burner with Windows 98SE. On my other, WIN98SE with an LG burner (which is supported by ECDC5).

Also, can someone inform me whether these “clicks” are added during the EXTRACTION process, or during the BURNING process? It would at least help to point me in the “write” direction (sorry I couldn’t resist the bad pun).

Thanks for any help you can give. I’m getting desperate (and a bit looney!)



common problem.

most people hate EZCD 5, and will blame the software.
but try a few things first…different media, upgrade aspi, id say lower the write speed, but i dont think u can go much lower than 1x.

if you are getting the same problem with 2 diff pcs/burners then the problem could be pin pointed to a) the image files on your HDD. or b) the software.

to resolve this, try to copy a different music cd all together.
if it has clicks in it to, then it could be a reader issue, or software.

try different software, eg: NERO . if that doesnt fix it, then you have atleast eliminated a great deal of posibilities.

let us know how you go.

Huzzy, thanks for responding!

". . . upgrade aspi . . . "

Can you tell me what this means and how I upgrade it?

Also, as far as the image files are concerned, there are several of them and they all exhibit this problem (and they were all created with this version of ECDC5) so I’d be surprised if further extractions form additional CD’s would behave any differently. That’s why I was trying to determine if the “click” problem between tracks is a function of the extraction, or a function of the burning (not that I’m sure I’d know what to do with that information once I got it!)

By the way, I’ve tried both IBM gold and TDK (Japan) CD-R’s.

Still learnin’ to burn (and not very well, at that),


The aspi layer allows your software to communicate with your hardware.

i believe you can get the latest version at Adaptec’s Website

Use the search button to find a more knowledable answer for aspi later.

as for extracting a new cd…set the read settings lower, and/or try other software.

the whole purpose is to eliminate the causes.
u know its not the burner.

but it could be the images because they were extracted at a certain speed.
it could be the software (compatability issues)

Try using ExactAudioCopy(EAC) secure mode extraction, EAC or nero for writing and use high quality cdr (best Taiyo Yuden That’s cdr or Professional at any speed up to their rating,Mitsui Gold are also good but only close to their highest speeds and with a new burner). EAC will solve your problem.:slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you who responded. I have in fact replaced my Easy Cd Creator with EAC for both extraction and for burning and the “click” problem seems to have been completely eliminated!
I have only confirmed this with 1 extraction/burn so far at 3.8X speed, but I suspect this will continue to work as ALL other previous attempts (at ANY speed or setting) using ECDC failed.

One thing I’m curious about though, when I first extracted with EAC, I attempted to burn with ECDC but ended up with one long track (no individual song indexes) instead of the 8 songs/tracks on the original CD. Apparently this must have something to do with the way EAC identifies track information (with a cue sheet???) as opposed to the way ECDC does it. I know that ECDC creates images in a “.cif” file (whatever that is), and EAC uses a “.wav” extension.

Anyway, I’m a bit over my head here but, as I began this note, I’m exstatic that I can finally extract and burn a music CD without clicks between tracks. Thank you to all!

By the way, is anyone aware of a “SIMPLE TO USE” program that will easily eliminate those same “clicks between tracks” on some CD’s which I have in my library?


John E.