we know what cd-writers can read sub-channel data, and can copy almost all protected games. (plextor 24x does all so far)
what about just plain disc-drives that can read sub-channel data and other protections?
is it possible to use a cheap 4x, 12x, 52x, etc. drive alone as the reader only, and get the same results as a plextor burner?
and what make of drive would u need to get?
asking because plextor 24x drive doesn’t seem to support fast error skip for CloneCd yet, and i need a faster reader.


go for the Toshiba DVD player SDM 140x SCSI,
I have the previous version of it the SDM 1201 SCSI,
and it supports Hardware error skipping with CloneCD.
And it reads very fast, only the Audio extraction sucks.

Yes it is possible to go with a cheaper reader, as long as it supports the main channels of current protections (subchannel, etc) I have plex 121032a and hardly ever use it as the reader, I use my toshiba DVD.