my cdrom wont read any disc when i put cd in the green light just keeps blinking what do i do?

Clean it?

Can also try upgrading to the latest firmware. What is the drive and model?

Hello caliking and welcome to the forums!

So was the drive working well one day and then all of a sudden not at all? Or, did you try to read a disk after not using the drive for a very long time?

As olyteddy suggested, try using a drivecleaner disk if it is available to you. If you do not already own one or can not borrow one from a friend, I would not purchase a cleaning kit.

For almost the price of a cleaner you can purchase a new drive. What kind of computer is the drive in? (make and model please)

make and model t61 lenovo thinkpad the disc are new and the drive used to work fine it does read some disc such as recovery disc

t61 ibm thinkpad

Are the disks you are trying to read burned disks? By this I mean CDRs and or DVDRs that have data written on them. If the recovery disk for your system works fine then it is possible that you simply have some poorly written disks. Do these disks work in any other drives that you have access to?

yes they do trust me its the drive these disks are brand new a combination of burned cds,software for other programs cant be read the only one it can actually read are the system recovery disk wierd…

It may be because you have a laser that has burnt out. A DVD drive uses 2 different lasers to read CDs and DVDs. Whatever kind of disk your recovery disk is it may be different than other disks. If it is larger than 700mb, it is probably a DVD, if 700mb or less, it is most likely a CD. Try other DVD and CDs and see what works.