CDrom sees all CDs as audio CD

I have just installed a CD burner, now my original CDrom thinks every CD I put in it, is an audio CD.

Naturally if it is not an audio CD it won’t run or copy.

How can I get the CDrom to see CDs as what they really are ??

The CD Burner works fine.

I had that problem a while ago to, it was in an old cd-rom drive i think - I cant remember the details now :confused: but i think it was some really cheap media i was using that was causing it :rolleyes:

Are you using cheap media, and can you read the CD normally in the CD writer?

Also if you are using multi-session disks i have found that occasionally they get messed up and you can get that problem with them to.

Media is not the problem, cheap or otherwise, because it has the same problem even with purchased software.

I have had this kind of problem with my DVD drive, but with mine it just thinks that it was the disc I first had in. Most of the time a reboot fixes it, but I’m sure you have tryed it. Only thing that I can think of that might help is to uninstall the cd rom in the Device manager, reboot and let Windows reinstall it.