Cdrom can't read copied game

I have made a backup copy of Monoply 3. It will run fine on my Liteon LTD 165 DVD player. But it will not show up at all on my Liteon LTR 40125s, a Liteon LTD 163 DVD player or a standard 48x cdrom. Is there a way to get it to play on these other cd/dvd players?:confused:

  1. If you have a rewritable make another copy and try it.

  2. Read the Help provided by the burning software.

  3. Try another burning software.

  4. Read what the more experienced members will write.:stuck_out_tongue:

It has happened to me that if I backup a CD with CLoneCD, with some kinds of lectors won’t works. Is it your case? If it is, just try to copy it with other soft and crack it, works better, really :bigsmile: