CDROM (boot) locks Nero on Win XP SP3



I have Nero burning rom on one machine and today downloaded Nero 8 trial to another. Both machines are running Windows XP Pro with SP3. I was trying to create a boot CD-ROM. As soon as I click on that choice in the New Compilation screen, I get an hourglass that won’t go away. On the Nero 6 machine, I cannot close Nero without shutting down the PC. On the other, I can force Nero to close.

I can burn normal data CD-ROMS or DVDs. The last time I tried creating a boot CDROM was months ago, long before I had SP3 or put Nero 8 on the other machine. So I can’t say for sure it’s because of SP3.


I should add that I was trying to create a bootable WinXP CDROM slipstreamed with Service Pack 3.

I finally gave up on Nero. Instead, I used nLite ( to slipstream the service pack and create an ISO of a bootable CDROM, then used imgBurn ( to burn the disk. Worked fine.