Cdrlabs reviewed the LG GSA-2166D

Overall a good writer with many media, but not good with +R DL and some crappy +R from Ritek and Optodisc.

And yes, it uses CAV, not P-CAV when writing DVD-media @16x.

Maybe it uses other chipset than 4163/4165/4167.

It’s disappointing some of LG’s latest DVD burners don’t have P-CAV 16x. Maybe LG thought the higher RPM’s and noise caused from P-CAV 16x are not good in external DVD burners. Why not add a “turbo” button to choose between CAV 12-16x and P-CAV 12-16x?

Like I said, the 4166/2166 uses other chipsets (Matsushita AFAIK), the 4167 still uses P-CAV 16x-writing. Maybe the addition of LS is the reason for use another chipset. (I forgot the name of chipset in older LG-burners)

You mean the name of the chipset maker? Renesas.

Thank you, this is what I meant :iagree:

Did I understand it right?

The GSA 2166/4166 uses a Matsushita chipset and the GSA 4163 and other oder buner use Renesas?

Looks like the 4164 uses Matsushita, too. It uses 16x CAV

4165 I don´t know, but it uses 16x P-CAV, so I guess Renesas.

4163/4167 uses P-CAV 16x, so it should be the Renesas

Renesas is basically a Hitachi company. HLDS that develops LG DVD drives is also a Hitachi company. I don’t know why they suddenly tried Matsushita chipsets when they must have enough capacity to design and produce their own chipsets. Matsushita is Hitachi’s biggest rival in this.

I know that Hitachi/LG had some patent-problems with Matsushita.

Maybe the Renesas-chipsets don´t support LS like the Matsushita?

It is a kind of stange, if the GSA 4166, 2166, 4164 use a Matsushita chipset.

Matsushita is a Panasonic company or a part of Panasonic, so I’m surprised that the Panasonic DVD RAM driver will not work… and the DVD RAM driver works with the non Panasonic chipset (Renesas)… :rolleyes: