Cdrlab's review: Acer CRW1208A - Seamless Link

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Because burners are getting faster and faster also the demand to prevent buffer underruns is getting higher. First we had sanyo’s burnproof. Then Ricoh came with JustLink. Last was Acer with his…

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Sounds very nice indeed! anyono who know if the acer burner is any good! cant it backup SD2?

Here’s the dilly on the Acer. It has a hard time reading sub channel data so you would need something else that can read it to make the image. It can write the image to CD then and the copy is playable in most/all drives.

SD2 doesn’t use the sub channel data.

:)Have been using it for some time now,burns whatever you throw at it,including SD2,the copy works in all drives.“LISTEN UP PLEXTOR”.As i do all my reading with a Toshiba DVD,i can not really recommend its reading capabilities,but hey you can buy this drive and a tosh,for less than a Plex,and backup everything,isnt this what we all keep raving on about.