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The already excellent GSA-4163B has been replaced by the GSA-4167B. So it would be rather interesting to see what is new from LG. Firstly, the supported writing speeds have been increased, allowing LG to compete against other manufacturers. The CD writing speed has reached 48X while for DVD+RW and DVD-RW, it has been increased to 8X and 6X respectively. DVD+R DL now is supported up to 6X while DVD-R DL writing added in the drive’s features at 4X speed. Although there are currently drives even faster than this on the market.

Starting off with reading, the LG can read CD up to 48X but a better error correction would be welcomed. LG retain the same behaviour on this as it was with the GSA-4163B. Not many drives can read our test 90/99min CDs where LG had no problems at all. The DVD reading speeds for the GSA-4167B were similar to those of the GSA-4163B, with the only difference that pressed double layer DVDs now can be read up to 12X instead of 8X. No change at all with DVD-Video ripping. The DVD error correction once again is strong and the drive won’t have any problems with this.

Audio protection is not problem for the GSA-4167B, as it wasn’t for the GSA-4163B, while once again the LG will rip all the game protections quite quickly but with Safedisc, it will create working backups only with older versions.

CD writing is now up to 48X from 40X and US-RW 32 up from 24X as it used to be with the GSA-4163B. The burning quality is good, despite the Clover System’s reports which are always strict, but then we are talking about high speed recording.

Once again, the LG will burn DVD+R and DVD-R media at 16X with times below 6 minutes. We would like to see here more media being supported at these speeds or even at 12X, although there has been a minor improvement on this. At 8X, the drive reported great stability since it managed to burn almost all tested media with similar times. RW recording times are also rather low in comparison to the competition. The supported speeds for the DL formats are satisfactory but the competition already offers higher speeds.

What about DVD writing quality? Is this still excellent as it was with GSA-4163B? Partially yes; it is very good but there are cases with some media which still need improvement, something you can see by reading the respective pages in this article. It is highly recommended you install the latest available firmware revision, as we did upgrading to fw DL11. We don’t dare describe the writing quality with the previous fw DL10. With DL media, the quality is great.

As for features, the drive once again supports reading/writing DVD-RAM but not quality scans. Bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+R DL media is present here, but still not for DVD+RW.

At the time of this review, there was no price for the LG GSA-4167B on the e-market.

  • The Good

[li]Very good DVD error correction
[/li][li]High CSS DVD-Video ripping speed
[/li][li]Can read 90/99min CDs
[/li][li]Very quiet operation either when reading or writing
[/li][li]Can overburn up to 91mins
[/li][li]Can backup CDS200 and Key2Audio AudioCDs
[/li][li]Supports all DVD recordable/re-writable formats
[/li][li]Write/verify function for DVD-RAM media to improve reliability
[/li][li]Good DVD writing quality
[/li][li]Supports DVD-ROM booktype for DVD+R and DVD+R DL formats

  • The Bad

[li]Competition offers faster DVD reading and ripping
[/li][li]Average CD error correction
[/li][li]Slow writing speed for DVD-RAM due to write/verify function
[/li][li]Doesn’t support overburning for DVD±R formats
[/li][li]Doesn’t support Mount Rainier
[/li][li]Cannot be used to measure CD/DVD media

  • Like To be fixed

[li]Writing quality with specific media
[/li][li]Booktype support with DVD+RW media
[/li][li]Option to enable/disable “write and verify” function for DVD-RAM media
[/li][li]Wider media support list for 16X and 12X recording


My 4163b drive is on back order, and I was considering the 4167b instead.
I think ill hold out for the 4163b after seeing those results.


ATM, I think the 4163 is definitely the better burner if you don’t need DVD-R DL… unless LG can improve on the 4167 burn quality with future firmware.


I suspect LG could improve the firmware, the question is… will they ?
How long did it take the 4163b to mature?
The other issue is the reported low quality feel to the new drives, which are now made in China vs made in Korea for the older drives - although im not 100% sure the 4163b was made in Korea.


Where did they get that firmware? DL11: I can’t find it.


Well the 4163 was made in Korea.
Ive had to cancel my order as there are no more 4163 available from that supplier.


The 4163B gave pretty decent burns with the first version of firmware (A100). There were some slight improvements with newer firmware versions but the basic quality was there from the beginning. My 4163B came with A100 and I have steadily updated it with each new version of firmware available.

Also, the earlier 4163Bs were made in Korea, but the later ones also seem to have been made in China. There was a little discussion about this some months back.


Thanks for that.
Im trying some other suppliers to see if I can still find one.
If not, Ill have to see what else is good and available locally.
The new NEC looked good, but its not here yet.


“Wasted” one 16x RicohR03 media burned at 8x speeds… what’s LG up to? RicohR03 has been around for quite a while now.



and here’s the “wasted” 16x@8x burn… lol


not only you mac…

i have wasted a couple of16x media on the 4167…for me its worst…coasters…not even began writing…


Consensus seems to be GSA-4163B remains better than any other DVD writer from HLDS/LG. :slight_smile:


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