Cdrinfo have another brilliant review

…where they write: “Non of the drives on the test support reading of DVD+R media.”
That is of course completely wrong and I wonder if they only guessed or if they tested the drives with a fu**ed up DVD+R? Anyway, both the Asus and Lite-On drive reads DVD+R without problems so probably the TEAC drive also have no problems with DVD+R media and the Toshiba drive is supposed to work with DVD+R/RW media with the latest firmware (1806).

They do not do the tests. They wrote crap information about Cyberdrive 058D and Plextor 208TU (or what its name is), where they did not do all tests either.

One possibility is indeed that they have used :Z media for testing (they’ve done that before, e.g. for LG 16x DVD-ROM tests, where they claimed that it does not to read DVD-RW)

Just ignore them.