CDRInfo back online later this night

I just posted the article CDRInfo back online later this night.

CDRInfo got a new mirror that will be online later this day (only waiting for the DNS to be updated). The reason for their downtime was the same as ours… :frowning: their UBB forum crashed the server once…

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Very good AND free

Hey, I’m very happy that you guys are back online but: Get that UBB forum off your server because that will make me more happy!!

I know CD Freaks has MySQL and PHP3 installed…so why not use vBulletin? It’s the fastest bulletin board system in the worl, because it runs on a MySQL database.

It looks very similar to UBB, and it’s easy to learn and use.

[duth] spijtig dat cd freaks afgebouwd heeft,er zijn wel redenen voor denk ik.maar ja voor wie interesse heeft een steengoed forum zoals cdfreaks, zie maar:
hopelijk hebben jullie er wat aan.

don’t remove UBB, UBB is king and that’s why there are so many copycats out there all wanting to be UBB, obviously why would they try to look UBB-like? cos UBB is king yeah, hopefully you’ll get it fixed to run the forum again, but don’t get rid of UBB

Nooo guys, we won’t remove the forum !! It will only be down until we have a better server, and that’s on it’s way !


Is it a option to make a board at ? It looks like UBB and you can configure it quite well. It runs also at good speed.


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