real tyg02/3s?

I normal get the Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7GB, 8X, Silver Lacquer 200 packs that come taped and say VALUE on the side. I go through them (usually from supermediastore), but has them pretty cheap:, $45 incl shipping at the time of this post

I’m skeptical tho. Can they be trusted for real ones? has that page about authenticity and has always convinced me. Rima has them for 52 + shipping which aint that big a difference, but money is money.

Thanks for your opinion,


IMHO, avoid “value line” media, and anyone who sells it.

It may very well be G03 that’s de-rated to 8x. Yes, it’s prolly real TY, but you’re paying premium media prices for it. It would need to be 1/2 that price to make it a “value”.