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I have created a 100% 32-bit Graphical User Interface for use with the CDRDao (command line based) software. The one that is able to bypass safedisk 2 copy…

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CDRdao is a DOS command based CD-R program which can write in DAO-RAW mode and is able to copy SD2, if your burner supports it!. CDRdao works in the same way as CloneCD does and thus if you cannot make a SD2 backup with CloneCD, CDRdao will also fail… But about the GUI: Great! The DOS commands are hard to understand for a newbie… This helps a lot! :4

BUT If your CD-Writer isn’t Supported are has bad compatibility then CDRDAO Will help you (OK Not always, but My Philips CDD4801 is Not Complete supported (Gives Wrong Writing speeds and locks up) but works Perfect under CDRDAO :7

the main post about this progg can be found in the cloneclinic forum … but some guys dont read carefully ... sarge b posted because he wanted to say this =========== programmm IS FREEWARE !!! =========== and it does the same thing like clonecd. He didnt say that cdrdao is the ultimate solution to safedisc2. he was able to copy SD2 games because he used (a) phillips based writer(s). in some RARE cases it works with unsuported writers. I also cant understand why everybody is crying about that he/she isnt able to burn SD2 games. just use cracks. -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

That’s what meant viruz. Thanks for that info! Grtz :9

K, well then. Let me explain to you what the CDR-DAO tools are all about… GAM3FR3AK already explained something, but the ‘CloneCD’ item mentioned might confuse people. CDR-DAO Tools is a set of DOS command-line driven tools that are based on the core CDR-Win engine (thus the name CDR-DAO). These applications are available for 16-bit and 32-bit systems, so there’s also hope for those of you who use Windows 3.1x without the win32-environment… [*now I come to think about… is there ANYONE who still uses Win 3x?? Nah, probably not :wink: *] Anyway, back to the story… Because of the CDR-Win base programm, the DAO tools support the majority of CD-Writers, and can give you full controll over the copying process. And now, this is a real kick-ass GUI that supports all of those goodies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice GUI, really simple, it’d be nice if it could also read the device number automatically. I’m sure it’s a pretty straight forward thing to do. Anyone in #help or #c++ or #c on irc could probably tell you how. Just an easy to add suggestion that would make it even better :slight_smile:

Hi! I just want to say that it piss of if you can’t copy sd2 correctly! I tryed copy delta force land warrior and clonecd won’t do thet job. So I tryed copy hole cd to hd and put cracks to cd. NOW there is oversised files in cd (one file size 5gb)! so how I copy that???

Guess, some folks (like Yves from RU!!) are confounding some facts here… CdrDAO has NOTHING to do with Jeff Arnold’s DAO from GoldenHawk – it’s a C-sourcecode project by 4 German authors! GoldenHawk’s DAO cannot write in MMC-RAW mode3 - but CdrDAO can!! Originally it was a free Linux-application (command-line based) – but now you also can have it in a version, compiled for DOS… * -Telstar- *

you are right telstar -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

VERY IMPORTANT! PLEXTOR IT WAS NOT CD-FREAKS OR THE USERS WITHIN THIS FORUM THAT GAVE YOU THE BAD NAME. YOU CHOSE TO BLOCK THE ABILITY TO BURN RAW AND THEREFORE GAVE YOURSELF THE REPUTATION YOU HAVE ATTAINED. I am sure that if you were to lift this “BAN” you have put on all plextor customers that you would find a lot of them return as the loyal customers they once were. If there was ever a forum I would listen to it would have to be this one. There are thousands of IT professionals who not only use your products for home use, but also have a very strong say in what products are purchased at their company, or corporation. You might just want to start showing the people who made this decision the annual cost justification for making that decision. Not a good number I guarantee!

Sorry folks had too many windows reading too many postings at the same time. Wrong post.

it would be nice if somebody provided me with a url to download this cdr-dao