Cdrdao and safedisc 2.8x

Has anyone attempted to use cdrdao 1.1.7 to copy a safedisc 2.8x (Sims Unleashed) protected cd?

I have personally tested it with safedisc 2.51, 2.6x and 2.7x and it has no difficulty in successfully copying any of these versions. However, I don’t have any sd2.8x cd for testing (I refuse to buy or even rent Sims Unleashed).

If not, could someone please test it and post your results.

Note: If you find cdrdao too difficult to run from the command line, use the XDuplicator interface and just check the raw read and write boxes on the settings page as well as the read raw box on the read page. If using an Ltd-163 it will take about 22 min to make the image but with an Ltr-24102b it takes about 55 min (so don’t bother if you only have a Lite-on writer available as a reader).


wouldn’t fastdump help here?

Nope. Daemon Tools isn’t intended fo use with cdrdao. Just go have a coffee or a beer while it’s reading. :bigsmile: