Cdr4-2k.sys problem with nec 2510a

ive tried serching for help with this but cant seem to find anything

I get the NEC 2510a for ma birthday but as soon as i conect the drive to ma PC i get a blue screen of death relating to the file CDR4-2k.sys :frowning:

I have connected the drive to the secondary ide channel as the sole master drive. But as soon as new hardware is detected bang blue screen.

Im running XP pro with SP 1
1800+ amd athlon, 512 pc133 ram, 2 7200 hdd’s set to master and slave on the primary ide channel.

I was going to try and update the firmware off my drive but i couldent get the current firmware to back up and i dont want to risk invaladating warrenties on something ive only had for a few hours any ideas as to what i could try?

You’ll have to search your system for cdr4_2k.sys and delete all examples of this file that you find.
Note that the file name contains an UNDERSCORE and not a dash.
Here’s a related Microsoft article.
You’ll also need to go to Roxio for the newest version.

thanks for the replay but ive maneged to sort it now.

Seemingly an old installation of Roxio and daemon tools were to blame