CDR-Win Reboots PC after write

Hi all,

Hopefully I have this in the right section, apologies if not. I am having problems with CDR-Win in that after writing a disc it reboots the system. It has only started happening within the last week, there were no problems before, and I cannot find an option that would set the software to do this.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this? or failing that another writing package that allows me to burn bin/cue files.

Thanks in advance. :cool:

you can use Fireburner and the latest NERO for burning cue/bin files…if that was a question.

Try to reinstall CDRWIN…not having a valid serial key can cause problems also

Any use of CDR-Win can cause problems…
Atleast in m opinion. :wink:

never have problems with v3 , v4 or v5

i like cdrwin myself 3.8g/4.0a but i stay away from cdrwin5 or should i say disk juggler5.

he…watch it…lol…diskjuggler is a very good programm

ya i just don’t like the fact thet there useing golden hawks good name.CDRWin 3, 4 and 5 - same brand, different developers

A lot of you probably already noticed that there are currently several versions of CDRwin available on the internet. CDRWin has always been developed by Goldenhawk, but the 5.x versions seem to be developed in Germany.

We asked Goldenhawk if they have sold the brand and stopped development. Below the answer:

Reply from Goldenhawk:

CDRWIN 5.0 is NOT from Goldenhawk Technology. We are currently investigating this situation, and will have some resolution to it soon. We strongly recommend that you do NOT use version 5.0 as there are many reports of it crashing people’s systems. We have not stopped development, nor have we sold the rights to our software.

We will not make an official statement at this time for legal reasons

We also asked the developers of CDRWin 5.0 for an explanation. They claim to have the European rights for CDRWin and have decided to launch new development which leads to CDRWin 5.0, they are legally allowed.


So to make things clear to everyone, Goldenhawk claims NOT to stop development of CDRWin, but CDRWin 5.0 is not developed by GoldenHawk.

The European rightholder for CDRWin is legally allowed to use the brand and will continue development. This version you will recognize by version number 5.x

what is the connection with diskjuggler…

i thought i read somewhere that the developers of cdrwin5 buyed the diskjuggler engine…

nope cdrwin 5 i a padus engine not golden hawk code.both clame to have rights to the name.i thingk the ball is in golden hawks court now and see what they will do.personally i thingk cdrwin5 is giving golden hawk a bad name.i use cdrwin all the time works well whith my plex drive and the software sits well whith other burning apps.and can still make a good backup off protected cd’s.all well as iso 9660 mastering.hope to see golden hawk take cdrwin 4.0a out of bata soon.

uh…that is what i said…

strange…i never had any problems with any version of cdrwin…v3, v4. and “cdrwin 5”

Diskjuggler is good programm…i hope cd cdrwin 5 programmers don’t give diskjuggler a bad name

CDrwin of Goldenhawk will survive …even when thwy have to change names…i do not care about names…aslong as it works

i agree mabee they should call it goldenhawk4.0 because everybody know’s that name. cdrwin5 is killing cdrwin so to speak i have tryed cdrwin5 dosen’t have the qaulity it’s buggy as hell very bad user interface.always have to slide windows around to see what your doing very slow to respond sometime just sits there some funtions don’t even work when i uninstalled it my cdroms were gone. had to edit reg to get them back. an installer bug opps they just forgot about that, can’t burn cue/bin directly from your hard drive you have to use test image load on virtual drive make one- one copy from there wate kind of ()(&^&( is that.and relesing this **&^(_% thith golden hawks well known name is pathetic.there just useing peoples trust in golden hawks name to sell this (&^&*().thats just my opionon.

i agree about the interface it sucks…but i like the virtual drive…

you can not burn bin/cue directly from the hdd??

I CAN…i can even burn bin files without the cue file…directly from the hdd

are you converting bin file to iso formate because a bin file need the cue to burn.or you are mounting the the bin/cue image and reading to a iso formate.i use daimon tools stealth383 dvd virtual drive whith cdrwin3.8g works great.

i did not convert it…just dragged the cue OR bin file in the window and burned it.

it seemed to work

Can’t give you details or a screen shot…because i do not have it installed at the moment

you can get sll the info on daemon tool here and home page here if that what you wanted to know.and there’s some screen shots there.

thank you…

but…sorry…i have it aleady installed…

but i didn’t have it from their home page…so i added it to my favorites

ok well good luck whith it works well whith cdrwin3.8g/4.0a

nero can handle ur bin files as well ;). of course, it cannot make bin files, so there is no reason you’d need to use it, right ? i mean, u own originals of course … :slight_smile:


we need them to make back-ups

original games/music cd’s cost a lott

but nero wont burn it raw dao dist at once.