Cdr-win problem!

Every time that I try to burn a cd with cdr-win 3.9b, I get the message that the cd has been created successfuly, but windows shows no files and 700mb used space!. I tried the latest aspi drives from adaptec but still the same problem. I can, however burn cds ok with nero, but with cdr-win I get this strange error. I also tried the aspi files that come with cdr-win,but still the same problem.Any help will be appreciated.

O/S:winXP pro
cdrw:Plextor 8/4/32 IDE


It’s possible that the burn was OK but can’t be read until the burner buffer is flushed. To do this open and close the tray after burning before trying to read the files in Explorer.

Yes I know that the cd must be ejected first. After burning with cdr-win and ejecting windows shows “cds file system, 700mb”
but I cannot see any files!


Everybody knows that when you attempt to register CDRWin with bad keys it will reward you with coasters.

Actually i bought cdr-win and I just got a reply from the makers that solved my case. I posted it here for a quick repsonce. Thanx anyways

It would be nice if you shared the solution with us though, someone might have the same problem as you in the future :wink: